As restorative professionals, we take a holistic, coaching approach to building a relationship with you.  To start with, clients get their full time on the table. Relaxing beforehand and dressing after are not part of the session. The time starts when the actual massage starts. Your first appointment will begin with pre-massage consultation: a personal assessment, examining your range of motion, external and internal stressors and your goals for receiving massage therapy.  After a personalized massage session, we follow up with coaching, offering suggested changes in posture, stretching and movement, as well as a check-in before the next massage. We develop a plan with you to help your body correct itself.

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At Atlanta Touch Therapy you can feel comfortable that you will receive professional, quality work that can dovetail well with other wellness or physical rehabilitation methodologies you may be using.  If you’re recovering from a medical procedure or surgery, we can help with improving your recovery time. If your chiropractor is focusing on a particular point in your spine, we can “stand in the gap” between adjustments to keep your body better in alignment.  We can help you recover from hip or knee surgery, where muscles may have to learn new pathways of movement and can be sore.

We pride ourselves on being more focused on healing the person than sticking to a schedule.  If we feel you need more time on the table, we will give you the option of getting more time on the table.  We won’t cut short your appointment because we’re overbooked. We are unique in that business model because – let’s face it – it cuts into the number of clients we can have.  But quality is our focus. If we are working with a client to help them heal, then that is all that matters.

A professional massage therapist with several massage techniques and styles to offer, Jennifer believes massage therapy is a vital way to support a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically.

Jennifer Anthony

A professional massage therapist with a passion for body wellness, John creates an experience which focuses on enhancing the body and mind by providing quality treatments for each client.

John Mack 

A professional massage therapist with ten years of experience to offer, Dawn believes massage therapy should be apart of everyone's wellness routine.

Dawn Moore

A professional massage therapist with over 15 years of experience to offer, Shelley combines her love of stretching and yoga with massage therapy to provide treatments that leaves her clients relaxed and renewed.

Shelley Fondren

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