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A Membership Committed to Your Well-being

Sit Back & Relax Membership

Do you remember the last time you felt good? Is it as often as you'd like?

It's hard to beat the rewarding feeling you get after a fulfilling & relaxing massage. The mind is free, the body is limber, and the spirit is at peace.


In the ever-evolving world, stay ahead and reap the advantage of health practices that you can easily incorporate into a monthly routine!

Atlanta Touch Therapy offers holistic wellness services!

The "Sit Back & Relax" Membership holds financial, spiritual, physical, and mental health benefits.


  • 1 x 60 min Service - massage, facial, or performance coaching

  • 2 x 30 min Service - massage, facial, or performance coaching

  • 2 x Sauna - immune building, weight loss, Elderberry Syrup with Echinacea (Echinacea is considered one of the most powerful herbs which strengthen the immune system).

Image by Alex Lam

Here's how it works:

Sign up for a membership plan on our website.


Get monthly membership credits you can book online or roll over to one future month.



Enjoy the health and wellness benefits of our services at regular intervals.


Get monthly membership credits you can book online or roll over to one future month.


Atlanta Touch Therapy

is more than just a massage business. We are a collection of highly trained therapists with different disciplines and specialties. Each of us has more than 10 years in the industry, and we combine our collective experience to bring the best outcomes possible to our clientele. We work as a unit, having built trust and developed a deep sense of integrity with each other. We work together because we choose to do so, and we bring that guarantee of best-in-class quality and work ethic to every session.


With our multifaceted expertise, our clients gain the benefit of our collaborative approach as we share best practices and varying techniques and education. This helps us educate the individuals who come to us for healing. And we are not done growing! We may expand into more self-care and healing professions in the near future. 

What People Say

Catrice Brown

I had a wonderful experience, I was greeted at the door and guided through a beautiful oasis. My massage therapist, Tonya, was very pleasant and professional. I had a procedure a done recently so I was impressed with how attentive she was, her pressure was perfect and she made sure I was comfortable. She also recommended things I can implement in my self care routine.

Highly recommend!!

Ariel Norris

This was the BEST massage experience I’ve ever had from beginning to end. I will be back! The staff was nice, professional, and attentive to my needs.

Jordyn Abu

My experience was amazing. The inside and outside look amazing. Errol explained everything in depth from the products he would be using to how he would lift the sheet when I turn over. The pressure was just right and his level of professionalism was great. The staff was nice. He cracked my toes I've never had that lol. I don't care for people to touch my feet but it was worth it. I will definitely be returning ☺

Ericka Page

I’d like to think the universe led me to Atlanta Touch Therapy. The energy flowing throughout the space, coupled with the attentiveness shown by my therapist is exactly what my spirit was craving for. My massage experiences are like none I’ve had before. Errol is intentional about understanding your needs, even helping to identify stress areas you weren’t aware of. The stretching alone has me hooked. I never knew how much flexibility can improve your quality of life! I’m finally investing in “me time” and Errol and the Atlanta Touch Team have helped me realize that I’m worth it! #Client4Life

Image by Henry Be
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